Pick ‘n Mix Stress Management

Does the idea of doing a whole day stress management course feel stressful in itself? Like the last thing you actually have the time for?

Although we can see the benefit in a break from daily routine, we realise that it is difficult to find the time for a whole day course. Most of us feel stressed at the thought of organising our responsibilities to free up an entire day. Let’s not talk about finding the money and the added financial pressure! We recognise that we may feel refreshed after a day in nature, but it can feel overwhelming to face all the challenging changes to develop the new “stress-free me” afterwards.  This inadvertently becomes a new source of stress. We feel stuck in the stress spiral.

With our new offering “Pick ‘n Mix Stress Management” we would like to put the power back into your hands.Now you can claim the agency to tailor-make a stress management package that really works for you. Every Monday or Wednesday from 19:30 – 20:45 we will be facilitating a different topic online (R100 per session) You decide what you need and what fits your budget. You plan when and whether you would like another session. You give yourself time to apply your learnings and implement change. You control the amount of new information and challenges you are exposed to. Every month our offering will change slightly. Do check in regularly to see what’s been adjusted. We may also try out a different day of the week. In September we will be meeting on Mondays, October and November we will be meeting on Wednesdays.

For now, you can select from the following topics and find out more at the links below:

  • The ticking time bomb: Am I controlling time or is time controlling me?! We will reflect on our perceptions of how we use our time, recognise our beliefs about time and look at some practical ideas for time management
  • Developing our anxiety toolbox: Our sessions will always be practical, interactive and give you an opportunity to practice the tools during the session so that it is easier to use these tools in more challenging situations.
  • Re-directing the emotional rollercoaster: learning from our emotions before they run away with us, understanding our triggers and learning to regulate our instinctive reactions so that we can respond instead of react.
  • Healthy habits: Let’s honestly evaluate our habits, both good and bad. How can we build on the good and develop healthy habits for self-care of body, mind and soul? We will explore what keeps us stuck in the same old rut…

The fact that we live in a stressful country is undeniable when you look at the fuel price, load-shedding schedule, unemployment numbers, retrenchment statistics, economic predictions, inflation figures etc. etc… Pressure is rising in the systemic environment. Many of us are also experiencing personal pressures like joblessness, relational conflict, loss, grief or loneliness. We feel like water levels are rising. Will we be able to keep afloat? Let’s be pro-active in terms of developing our own stress management skills… we can make a change, one step at a time.

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