About Us

Vera Marbach was born in Germany, but grew up in South Africa. As a German South African she has learnt to live and work in cultural environments different to her primary culture. She speaks fluent English, Afrikaans and German and is learning Sepedi. She lives in Gauteng with her husband and three children.

Vera studied Occupational Therapy at the University of the Witwatersrand. She worked as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of fields, including in mental health and in childhood development. She has co-ordinated and facilitated monthly discussion events, occasional conferences and weekend breakaways. She is also a regular guest speaker at various churches and events on a variety of subjects such as self-esteem, family relationships, ethical consumerism and so forth.

During the last few years she has become involved in inter-racial meetings to address the racial tensions evident in South African society. She is a Facilitator-Coach and has facilitated regular inter-racial dialogues since June 2016. Since December 2016 this has taken place under the banner of Diversity Dialogue SA.

She is passionate about conscious and thought-through living, active citizenship and practical social justice. She is interested in history and how it influences our present. She writes poetry to process her thoughts and challenges.

Khanyi Mthimunye was born in Mpumalanga and is now based in Johannesburg. She is fluent in Zulu, English and proficient in Sesotho and Afrikaans. She has lived in different countries and cultures including Argentina and USA.

Khanyi studied International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand and later Social Entrepreneurship at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. She has extensive experience in youth development starting with mentoring university students to facilitating entrepreneurship programs for unemployed young people. She coordinated and managed a gap year program for several years helping to create programs to facilitate employment opportunities. She has worked with non profits that are in education and youth development.

Her legacy is in the number of students she has helped who are currently financially independent and/or positively contributing to their communities.

In the last two years she has trained as a facilitator for community dialogues and successfully hosted over a dozen. In October 2018 Khanyi joined the Diversity Dialogue SA team.

She is passionate about helping people connect the dots through systems thinking, financial emancipation of the youth and creating healing spaces for holistic living. She writes blogs and poetry to express her thoughts and occasionally plays her guitar.