You come up with your best ideas when you are listened to well. You also understand the complexities of your own situations better than anyone else does.

Coaching is an opportunity to be actively listened to, to develop great ideas, to discover your own agency in solving the challenges you are faced with.

As an emotional integration coach, Vera focuses on supporting you to cope and work with strong feelings, like anger, anxiety, fear and pain.  These intense emotions can give you the motivation to change your circumstances in practical and positive ways. In her coaching, she draws on her wide-ranging experience in communication skills, family relationships, home-schooling, mental health, ministry and social cohesion. She is also interested in facilitating “living well” as a preparation for “dying well”.

Khanyi is passionate about walking alongside you as you realise your potential and achieve your goals. As a life coach, she helps clients identify and pursue their goals through accountability, challenge, and encouragement. Khanyi’s heart is in freedom for oppressed communities through the healing of their consciousness. In her coaching, she draws on her wide-ranging experience in youth development, entrepreneurial and soft skills trainings for NGOs, and community engagement.

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