What makes it difficult for us to rest?

I am guessing I am not the only one who has a tendency to let the work-life balance tip further towards the work side than the rest and relaxation side. What makes it difficult for us to take some time off?

I believe there are two sources for the thoughts that keep us working hard beyond our tiredness threshold. One is the ideas that we have taken on board from our own past experiences. These have grown into limiting beliefs influencing our subconscious and many of our actions. The other is the cultural ideas that we have unquestioningly absorbed as truth – and I would like to challenge two of these that I have experienced:

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Some of us feel like we are on the verge of panic as we realise how little control we have over the current circumstances during the lockdown. Coming to terms with this reality is hard. It is ok to be sad and lost, maybe even angry at this time. If we are feeling this, we are connected to reality.

However, I have observed in myself and others how focusing on the turmoil out there can so overwhelm me that I have no energy left to do what I can, in the close spaces I actually could have some control over. So perhaps it is helpful to look immediately around me, at the things that are possible for me. These things that I can do may keep me from falling into panic:

* I can give myself a break, and not put myself under pressure to carry on coping as if my life has not changed.
* I can sleep a little longer on some days.
* I can get up each day and get dressed. I can choose what to wear on which day.
* I can make my bed.

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