Why I dialogue

As a facilitator of regular dialogues, I seldom get the opportunity to participate in a dialogue myself. I think it is one of the most important things I can do for my own personal growth. When I do get a chance to do so, I am probably more self-aware than what I used to be before I started facilitating. My latest experience of being “just one of the group” inspired these thoughts…

Why dialogue?

I have a
voice of personal
I represent more
than an isolated
Dialogue needs diversity.

I want to
as a person.
This means
revealing the real
Dialogue needs transparency.

I believe
dissonance is good
for me.
The place of incongruence
is where
growth happens.
Dialogue needs commitment.

I take
the risk and
dive in.
Disquiet does
not equate
to danger.
Dialogue needs courage.

I choose
honest speaking or
respectful silence.
Both are
in the conversation.
Dialogue needs safety.

I am conscious of
what happens
inside me.
Participation presses
my buttons and
reveals my idols.
Dialogue inspires self-awareness.

I reflect to
others what I
Reciprocal mirroring
Dialogue tests authenticity.

I hear
your story from
your point of view.
You have feelings like
my own in different
Dialogue develops compassion.

My discomfort gives
me a small glimpse into
your experience:
A journey into
an unfamiliar world with
covert expectations.
Dialogue builds bridges.

With a richer
understanding of
you and me,
we become us:
The power of
the shared experience.
Dialogue transforms.


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