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As a white person living in South Africa I have been confronted with issues that have not always been easy to process. I have felt uncomfortable, and I have been challenged. However, I believe that we are put in places of discomfort so that we can grow.

Writing my poetry takes me on a journey through the thoughts and feelings that daily life here evokes in me. It creates the space that allows me to have an honest look at character traits that I aspire to – like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I often conclude that the opportunity to develop these traits, is at such a time where choosing the opposite is the easy way out. Only when I am put under some pressure can they emerge in me.

I have by no means arrived and will continue to journey – probably for as long as I live. Discomfort is part of that journey, and is not to be feared. I am still growing – some days more than others.

I have decided to put the words that express my thoughts and feelings out there – perhaps there are others who grapple with the same things? And perhaps while we explore life together, you may see one or two of your own emotions, reflected in mine.


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