Invisible bonds of death

by Khanyi


Tell me how to grieve someone I have never met

The virtual world has created invisible bonds created through kind words

We woke up to your insomnia tweets

We lived life vicariously through you as you navigated this thing called life


Your tweets, full of life would bring some of us hope to get out of bed and live

To know a selfless person existed was enough without having to meet you

Your interaction with your family made it realistic yet effortless while we were stuck in our family drama


Your passing has been something I am unable to accept

It has made me aware that sudden death is hard hitting on those left behind

I can’t even think about you without my brain shutting down

Such heartbreak that I can’t explain to others,

So I  will grieve in hiding


In memory of Dr Sindi Van Zyl, also known as the duchess of healing, who passed away on Saturday morning, the 10th April 2021.



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