Knowledge is power…when there is action

Hi, my name is Vera and I am a knowledge addict.

I have completed 8 online courses since lockdown began. I have a number of new ready-to-be-absorbed courses downloaded on my computer – about coaching, about trauma. I attend most COMENSA events, where we can learn from other coaches. I am on numerous Facebook and LinkedIn groups about diversity and social cohesion, climate change, homeschooling,  coaching. I listen to mp3 talks on subjects that fascinate me on most days. I follow a number of interesting podcasts.

If this knowledge is just intellectual sponge-soaking, it will make no real difference in my life. I am overindulging and getting knowledge-fat. This knowledge only becomes powerful when I act on it in some way: journal it, blog it, talk it, change my habits in small steps, do something differently, take a risk, share it with others, apply it to my own spheres of influence. I need to exercise my knowledge and get knowledge-fit.

So, before I give in to the itching finger that wants to sign up for the next knowledge download, I have to ask myself a few questions:

1. Have I applied the knowledge I have already accumulated about this subject?
2. What need is the knowledge-soaking filling?
3. Am I using “I need more knowledge” as an excuse to get out of doing what I know I should be doing already?
4. Is my longing for more knowledge hiding a limiting belief about my agency in this world?

Facing these questions honestly feels uncomfortable, but it also feels like a necessary step on the path to personal growth.

Do you recognise a similar trend in your own interaction with knowledge? If not, is there something else that plays a similar role in your life?

I know I am not alone in my journey of exploring and expanding my agency. If you would like a partner to think and talk thru developing your agency muscle with you, contact me.



  1. Vera your observation resonates with me. On the one hand as a researcher I feel the more I know the less I feel I know. On the other hand being saturated with knowledge takes up the time I should be applying or integrating what I have learnt. Perhaps it has become a procrastination tool…thank you for the reflection. Dellene

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