Doing things differently…

As some previously bizarre things have become part of our new normal due to circumstances beyond our control, let’s not give in to the idea that we have lost all agency. Let’s give the concept of voluntarily doing things differently some thought.

As I wrote last time, I have been putting some time and effort into establishing an outside office in my garden, where I can comfortably work and safely see coachees with social distancing protocols in place. I also decided to look beyond our property for other outside options, and have discovered some beautiful spots that can work a little further afield – ideal for walking, thinking and talking at the same time.

Walking brings me to another way of working differently I have been thinking about. With covid rules limiting us to our own homes much of the time, I have become aware of how sedentary my life has become. Like me, you may spend a large part of the day sitting in front of a screen – computer or phone. Sitting has apparently become the new smoking with associated health risks and back problems. What can we do to combat these effects? Having one-to-one walking meetings is definitely a start.

My sister, who does a lot of writing, has a standing desk which sounds like a great option. I have been experimenting with putting my laptop onto a bookshelf, and with a little help from a cardboard box and some books, have managed to position my laptop at an optimal height for my arms – still working on getting the screen higher. Now I just need to watch my posture to get more benefits! Perhaps I could even try standing on a balancing board I still have from my Occupational Therapist days…I also find it easier to remember to stretch or do a few leg exercises when I am already standing.  When I do sit at my desk, I sometimes sit on a large therapy ball.

I have been challenging myself to practically build exercise and movement into the activities I am doing anyway, since I am finding it difficult to find extra time for exercise (which I know I really need). I occasionally march or dance when moving from one room to another to the entertainment of my teenagers…Other tasks that work for me involve re-using and recycling, which I am strongly committed to. I carry our grey water in buckets to flush the toilet or water the garden. I also stuff soft plastics into eco-bricks. Between the two, my arms are getting a regular workout. You may ask, doesn’t that take too much time? Far less than driving to a gym and exercising there…

Are you thinking about doing something differently, or wanting to think differently about something? What plans and hopes do you have – let’s talk!


  1. Aha! So this explains why your husband was dancing alongside the pool yesterday…

    I find that setting an alarm on my laptop to ‘move’ every half hour or hour helps with my stooping, nose against the screen, posture.

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