Why us?

Why us?               by Vera Marbach


Why us?


there we were

on the job

close to Migdal Eder

on the outskirts of Bethlehem


shepherds, following

the cloud of witnesses who

carried the staff before us,

like Abraham, Jacob, Moses and David


keeping fearless watch over the sheep,

striking down lion and bear,

making them lie down in green pastures,

leading them beside still waters


tasked with the weightiness

of swaddling the temple lambs

of raising the unblemished

sacrifices to the LORD


a light shines in the dark night

and overcomes it,

the glory of the LORD spreads around us

and fills us with fear.


Why us?


why are we condemned to die

as God Almighty communicates with us?

a voice speaks from the light,


an angel of the Lord:

“Fear not, for behold,

I bring you good news of great joy…


this will be a sign for you,

in Bethlehem,

a baby in a manger”


Why us?


in shock,

puzzled and perturbed,

we make our way to the manger

and find him there


on the outskirts

like one of us shepherds,

swaddled, vulnerable,

like one of our lambs


“Glory to God in the highest,

and on earth peace

among those with

whom He is pleased!”


Wishing you a blessed Christmas time with loved ones, and time to reflect on the wonder of Christmas with opportunities for rest, restoration, refreshing and renewal!


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