Colour-coded superiority and inferiority

On 3 November 2018 at Nokhupila, the topic chosen as a door-way to the conversation was “Colour-coded superiority and inferiority”. Significant voices in the dialogue included Fear, Anger, Pride and Denial.


Black people in SA are still hurting and feel frustrated with the pace of change. It seems that everyone is trying to brush over the psychology of the country. Fear and guilt is blocking white people from hearing the voices of anger and hurt and resulting in everyone feeling trapped.  This cripples them into avoiding committing to the hard work of transformation even if they have the desire. There is a lack of courage to go after the solutions. People are too superficial in their transformation activities. No one has the courage to say to each other what they really feel. Denialism is the enemy of the work of transformation in South Africa. Areas to work on included overcoming our own strong feelings, as well as laziness, to do the hard transformation work and for everyone to learn a native language or at least the greetings.

There was a voice of hope that if we could get through those issues there might be a future of true relationships forming between the different races. The restitution debate needs to continue because there are still many doors closed to black people.


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